There are so many different guns out there, this is a little snippet of what’s out there and tried and tested guns

Browning 725

The new Browning B725 is an aesthetic and technical revolution in Over and Under shotguns. Based on the legendary B25, it is innovative whilst retaining the many existing design features of the B525, which make it the most outstanding Over & Under shotgun on the market. Available in either the Sporter or Hunter version, this is an excellent all round gun for not a lot of money. The B725 contains all the latest technological advanced designs from Browning’s Classic B-Series O/U line in shotguns. It has a new and improved trigger pull, new designed vector pro barrels & invector DS chokes. You can buy a brand new B725 for around £1800 or second hand for approx. £1300.



Blaser F3

Launched in 2004 after years of research and development, the Blaser F3 is manufactured in Germany. The gun has a very notable finish, a walnut stock which has been expertly finished in oil with good chequering. The gun comes with an adjustable comb and the choice of 28”, 30” or 32” barrels. The ribs are interchangeable and the multi chokes are Briley extended choke tubes, which come separate in their own case.  As you can see, this gun has a very distinct dark look about it, no engraving on this gun as with the others, just a small unobtrusive F3 in yellow. It has a more ‘serious’ feel to it. A Blaser F3 will set you back £4700 brand new or around £3000 second hand.


Lanber Sporting Delux O/U

The Sporting Deluxe is a very affordable and impressive gun, it comes in 28” or 30” barrels, with snug fitting multi chokes, there is a wider rib and very attractive scroll engraving. The gun is extremely stylish looking and has very high quality woodwork, which is highly polished. It features deep laser cut chequering on the stock, for improved grip and it also adds to the aesthetics of the gun. An all round impressive gun, weighing in at 3.6kg in 12 gauge. We found some on the net RRP £995 with second hand around the £850 mark. An excellent buy for those not wishing to blow a small fortune.



Silver Pigeon Universal

Beretta Silver Pigeon Universal 12 bore, over and under with fixed chokes, ideal for Game and Clay Shooting alike. It comes with either 28/30” barrels, it is a very good looking gun and has beautiful engraving. The stock is oil finished and walnut, it comes ready fitted with a  recoil pad, so no need to incur more expense and have one fitted. The gun features a single selective trigger. This is a fantastic all round gun which will shoot both disciplines equally as well. We found them priced on the internet as RRP £1550 brand new, but there are many offers out there around £1300 or a snip at £900/£1000 second hand.



Miroku MK 38

The smart looking Miroku MK38 is widely thought about as one of the best clay guns on the market. Its back-bored barrel significantly reduces kick, making it perfect for a lady. It continues to give exceptional patterning and it a really nice steady shot. It comes with 30” or 32” barrels and multi chokes, which have been developed with Nigel Teague, which of course offer exceptional shooting. It is slightly heavier than some of the other guns, tipping the scales at 8lb 2oz, however for the lack of recoil and the steady shoots, it’s worth every ounce! Again as this gun has a stock designed for men, it would be worth getting the toe taken off for a better fit. The MK38 represents excellent value at £1330 brand new and roughly £800 on the second hand market. says ‘This is an excellent selection of female friendly guns, really offering something for everyone. We particularly love the Browning 725 for it’s style, weight and performance, it’s a real crowd pleaser’